Quality, Security & Confidentiality

Since 1987, the AGS Records Management Group has been committed to a quality approach by following the current standards and certifications of the countries in which we operate. Our first objective is to satisfy our partners by continuously improving our services.

Your records are in safe hands

AGS Records Management ensures that all security standards are respected and that your documents are preserved in a safe environment.

Our storage facilities are equipped with the latest security and fire safety equipment. All electronic documents are stored in our own secured records management system managed by our IT team. The team is trained to keep up with information security best practices and legal requirements and respond immediately to any incident that could arise.

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AGS Records Management commitments

We understand how important your records are and take care of them as if they were our own.
Qualité certifiée - Quality check


  • Compliance with the most recent documents management international standards (i-SIGMA)
  • Standardised procedures in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 certifications
  • Regulatory compliance in the various countries where AGS Records Management is active
  • Trained teams to supply an optimum service
  • Monitoring of access and of requests
  • Complete traceability of archiving operations
Entrepôts sécurisés - Secured warehouses


  • Secure warehouses dedicated to the physical archive storage
  • CCTV with remote monitoring
  • Fire prevention systems
  • Temperature monitoring in the warehouses
  • Pest prevention and control
  • Certified data hosting according to the ISO 27001 standard
  • Supervision and monitoring of our IT infrastructure (labelled A by the verification body Qualys SSL Labs)
Archives confidentielles - Confidential records


  • Anonymous archiving units
  • Barcode identification of archives
  • Random location assignment
  • Secure archive access management
  • Contractual confidentiality clause for all staff members
  • GDPR-compliant data protection