Auditing & Training

AGS Records Management provides the best auditing and training solutions, helping you to manage your records securely. We also provide training on the latest technologies to your staff members.

Our dedicated staff provides guidance to support you in managing your records.

Formation d'un employé / Company employees in training

We answer all your questions and simplify the archiving process.

  • What are the applicable regulations?
  • What are your needs and obligations?
  • Which documents should be retained?
  • How to manage and organise your records?


Whether you are archiving your documents on your own premises or not, AGS Records Management can help you optimise the organisation of your files.

Complete Auditing and Training Solutions

Our team of experts will ensure the best possible system is developed to suit your archiving needs


The audit ensures a state-of-the-art records management process is developed for all your departments. It finds solutions to any problems, taking into account regulatory controls and any constraints specific to your company, as well as the direct and indirect costs of archiving. Following this customised analysis our team can develop and implement procedures and solutions, as well as train your staff, in order to improve your company’s records management.


AGS Records Management can provide training in the use of EAS software, our online records management solution, or in the use of scanner software. Training is provided in small groups to facilitate learning and is provided by experts in records management.

Provision of archivist

Managing and storing records is a complete process that requires various skills, including providing advice on the organisation of records and indexing. This is why we propose to provide you with a qualified and experienced team of archivists, well-versed in handling public and private records. They come to your site and guide you through the process of organising your records.