Physical Archiving - Physical Document Management

Physical Archiving requires efficient organisation and a thought-out methodology, backed by solid resources. It is advised that you contact a professional to help you develop and implement your physical document management and archiving processes.

We can effectively and sustainably assist you in managing your archives.

Archivist busy with physical records archiving.

Outsourcing your physical document management will allow you to save time and space and to increase efficiency, while remaining completely secure.

Moreover, our processes guarantee you complete traceability of your physical records. Managing and preserving records is a profession in its own right, requiring specialised skills and expertise including archival, organisational, logistics, IT, regulatory or real estate.

We provide a full complement of document archiving services, managing the archive life cycle of your records from digitization and storing, through to destruction. A turnkey solution that will benefit your business.

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Physical document management from A to Z

Streamlined processes, ease of access and the security of your records can be guaranteed by AGS Records Management
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Document Collection/implementation

Transfer and handling

  • Reconciling logistical and human resources according to your premises and needs

Sorting, taking inventory and packing records into containers

  • Classification according to the defined classification matrix
  • Packing into containers adapted to your records
  • Unique bar code allocation for each record

Data capture

  • Processing the inventory
  • Integration into our database
  • Enabling online access to the inventory

Our solution offers automatic or semi-automatic control and an ability to statistically analyse whether the brief matches the service that was rendered.

Classement et stockage d'archives sécurisé

Secure Document Storage

Method of storage

  • Records storage on metal racks

Guaranteed security

  • Detection and protection against intrusion and fire
  • Regular fumigation and vermin treatment
  • Security installations checked by accredited companies
  • Random location of containers


  • Anonymity of clients’ records
  • Access controlled operation system

Option to install a records storage facility on your own premises.

Transfert de fichier sur le cloud

Document Archival Services

Access and administrative processing

  • Web-interface enabling you to manage your records
  • Personalised access levels for your employees


AGS Records Management offers you a scanning service.

Destruction d'archives sécurisée

Confidential Records Destruction

The destruction of the records concerns documents whose legal period of preservation has expired or confidential records that need to be shredded.

Different solutions proposed:

  • Recycling
  • Grinding or compacting

Which implies:

  • Authorisation for destruction by authorised persons
  • Certificate of destruction issued