Digital Archiving System

Nowadays, digital archiving is inevitable and it has to be well managed. Important elements have to be taken into consideration such as the security or legal requirements.

We work with several organisations from different industries with various needs

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Our digital archiving software, also known as electronic archiving, has been specifically developed by AGS Records Management software engineers to meet the needs of our customers. It will allow you to consult your physical records and the image of your dematerialised document, via a simple interface.

AGS Records Management software has been developed in the form of a web service; it adapts to all platforms and it requires no additional installation.

Because each client is unique, our engineer will accompany you to implement your dematerialization project from the identification of your need until the records management software is deployed.

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Our digital archiving solutions

2 solutions for digital archiving

Secured Record Archiving

Put your information in a safe and accessible place by using our own records management software. Sensitive data conservation is available via our HTTPS portal optimised for a secure connection using a log in and a password, and accessible from any terminal connected to internet. Our solution guarantee you a complete traceability of documents, which allows you to follow the lifecycle of your data.

Virtual Document safe

Your information is in good hands with our strategic data storage, which will meet the technical and legal requirements of your documents. Our Virtual Safe system allows for several authentication modes, as needed, and requested security levels. Your documents are managed according to a classification plan and controlled by an administrator. Modification and destruction of data is prohibited outside strict control.