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AGS Records Management

A story of know-how: Christophe Girard, Deputy Digital Manager

While AGS Records Management is a story of technical expertise, it is also a story of the men and women who, on a daily basis, support companies in their document management and digitisation strategies.

Posted in: Corporate News
Published Date: 06 March 2024

Christophe Girard, AGS Records Management Digital Manager

Christophe Girard, Assistant Digital Manager, talks about his responsibilities and the level of organisation necessary to satisfy all customers.

Formerly a social worker in the Paris region, Christophe Girard joined AGS Records Management as a temp in 2007. This motivated man quickly landed a full-time position as a multi-skilled archivist. His duties chiefly covered document destruction and setting up archive boxes.

As he progressed, he made himself useful, assisting the company’s small but growing digitisation unit. “I love computers and everything that goes with them,” explains the manager. “I made sure I helped out and took a close interest. This led to me joining the digitisation department.” This was an important step for Christophe, who gradually climbed the ranks to become the deputy manager, responsible for two teams.


Harnessing team efforts for digitisation success

Every day, Christophe prepares the launch of the digitisation projects submitted by AGS pre-sales engineers. “We set up the processes necessary to digitise our customers’ documents. Our solutions must ensure the digitisation is carried out on time and according to the customers’ requirements,” says the assistant digital manager.

For Christophe, the optimal organisation and follow-up of customer projects lie at the heart of his job as a manager. “My goal is to encourage loyalty and keep my teams together as long as possible. That way we retain our expertise and it’s easier to keep up with the demanding pace of our work,” he explains. “To do this job, I rely on teamwork and mutual trust.”


Each digitisation project has its own complexity and its own solution

From occupational health and insurance to urban planning and HR, he has led dozens of projects. One of the most memorable was the digitisation project for Banques Populaires, which demanded a new approach. “The project lasted three years, with over 50 people working in shifts, so it was a big job, and one in which we had to find effective solutions.”

In Christophe’s opinion, each digitisation project is different in its complexity. Some of them require a sorting stage. In the HR field, for example, when folders of long-serving employees need to be sorted. In such cases, Christophe ensures his teams are trained in the filing plan and can carry out the more complex preparations required.


Quality assurance through certification and software

Document Digitisation by AGS Records Management
Another memorable moment in Christophe’s career was his involvement in the development of IDOSCAN, a software program designed to identify the various items in a file to ensure traceability. Two years ago, IDOSCAN enabled the AGS Records Management site in Nantes to obtain NF 42 026 certification, which guarantees faithful digitisation of paper documents.

“We know exactly who did what, on which machine, and when,” explains the manager. “We can tell the customer when it was typed, delivered and deposited, thanks to a digital fingerprint that ensures that the document has not been altered in any way.” The assurance of a job well done…

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