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AGS Records Management

AGS Records Management supports local NPO providing early development training

AGS Records Management has teamed up with a non-profit to support children and upskill women from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Published Date: 28 August 2020

For the second consecutive year, AGS Records Management has teamed up with Masikhule, a non‑profit in the Helderberg area. The partnership is in support of an initiative to assist children and upskill women from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Masikhule focuses on providing training to early-childhood development (ECD) practitioners, mothers and community volunteers. The modules provide training to help them educate and nurture pre‑school children in their communities.


The contribution this year funded Masikhule’s Baby and Toddler (First 1000 days) training course, ensuring that the participants received instruction, resource kits and post-training visits.

The training included a group of at least 12 local ECD practitioners who worked with over 130 babies and toddlers and focused on:

• Maternal health and well-being.
• Mother and baby nutrition.
• Foetal development and early stimulation.
• Early bonding and sensitive nurturing.
• Baby and toddler development.
• Learning through sensory motor play.
• Baby and toddler stimulation needs and ideas.
• Practical toy-making & creating from waste for babies and toddlers.



AGS Records Management is honoured to be part of such an inspiring and vital initiative. As a group, we recognise the need for education and training to empower women and children in underprivileged communities.

For more information about Masikhule, please contact:

Leanne Keet
Founding Director – Masikhule Foundation
Email: info@masikhule.org