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AGS Records Management

I don’t know how to manage my archives.
What should I do?

My archivist has retired, and I don't have the budget to replace him. I don't know how to organise my archives. What can I do?

Posted in: Corporate News
Published Date: 01 September 2022

The archivist plays a key role in any public or private organisation. “He or she can significantly influence the way the company is managed, sometimes without realising it,” says Philippe Rocuet, AGS Records Management Managing Director. When it comes to retrieving documents, it’s not enough to rely on human memory. When the archivist leaves the company or is absent regularly, the manager may struggle to find certain documents or to understand the records management system in place.

“Guaranteeing that archived documents are readily available is essential for the smooth running of the company,” says Philippe Rocuet. AGS Records Management supports companies by auditing their records. During an audit, the AGS archivists will assess what records need to be retained, whether the premises is suitable for document storage and whether the indexing in place is efficient. When necessary, our archivists can propose that the records management be outsourced or suggest a solution that combines physical records management with digitising parts of the archive.

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