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AGS Records Management

My company is moving.
My premises are too small for my records.
What should I do?

What solutions can AGS Records Management offer me?

Posted in: Corporate News
Published Date: 25 August 2022

My current premises are too small, and I have to move. My records are poorly organised, and it is impossible for me to retrieve them easily. The situation is stressing us out, especially when we have to urgently search for a document.

AGS Records Management can solve this specific problem and assist companies that are having difficulty with their records management.

“Firstly, our archivists will perform an audit to create a structure for your records and optimise your document management,” explains Philippe Rocuet, AGS Records Management Managing Director. “This will allow us to sort your records methodically and make recommendations in terms of storage.

Depending on the type of documents you have, we might even suggest digitisation. You can also opt to outsource your physical records management to one of our conservation centres.”

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